Mary's Joint

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Mary's Joint - Mary J. Blige Lyrics

oh, no no no...(Vs.1)
I know
That you're just a man
But you're all the man I need
And I know
That you care and you'll never leave
No, you'll never leave(Chorus)
I love you so
I can't let go
You know it's real
The way I feel
I want to stay
I'll try to wait
On you my dear
My love's sincere
You promised
That you never would cheat or lie
Lie to me, don't lie to me babe
And you promised
That you'd trust and believe in me
Please believe in meUnnecessary pain (pain is pain)
Now tell me who would get the pain
(You know it hurts)
If we should go astray
What would we do
What would we say(Chorus)(During Chorus)
I wanna stay
You know I'll wait
I wanna stay
I'll try to wait on you, my dear
Baby you know, Baby you know
Baby you know, Baby you know
I wanna stay forever and a dayOh, I love you
Oh, I need you
Everything is gonna be alrightYou know I'll try to wait
I love you baby, love you baby yeahhh(Hook)
Why can't we work it out
Why baby? can't we try (why, why, why, why, why)
You said our love would always stand the test of time
(repeat thru chorus)Let's take our time
Let's build our love
Stronger than it ever was(Chorus until fade)
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Mary's Joint lyrics !!!